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  • Wonder Woman
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    Wonder Woman Debuts On HBO To Huge Ratings

    Ok, so we’re all in agreement that Wonder Woman is a great film, right? Despite not getting any Oscar nominations (it totally should’ve…) most people agree that it’s not only a magnificent film, but is unanimously considered the best film in the DC Comics film universe. It had an amazing run at the worldwide box […] More

  • The Gifted
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    Here’s Why The Gifted Won’t Name Drop Magneto

    The Gifted was without a doubt one of the biggest risks superhero-wise in 2017. A show that was about the world the X-Men lived in, yet, didn’t have the X-Men or Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in it. Instead, it would focus on a group of “lesser characters” from the universe and show their struggles to […] More

  • Star Trek: Discovery Jonathan Frakes
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    Guess Who Star Trek: Discovery Introduced In Their Season Finale?

    Star Trek: Discovery was a very bold gambit by CBS. After all, the most recent movie, Star Trek Beyond actually had a loss at the box office, and many were wondering if a series could even last a season. What’s more, the series was going to be aired on a streaming service and not on […] More

  • Westworld
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    Westworld Season 02 Gets Creepy Trailer

    And this is why humanity should fearing making AI, seriously, why do people never learn? Anywho, during the Super Bowl tonight, HBO released the first trailer for Westworld Season 02, which is going to debut in April. In it, we see a wonderful monologue about our world. Well, what we think is our world. Where […] More

  • Maggie Walking Dead
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    Fans Are Not Happy That Maggie Might Leave Walking Dead

    So, yesterday, we reported that there was a divide going on between the team behind The Walking Dead on AMC and one of their lead actresses, Lauren Cohan. Cohan plays fan-favorite character Maggie, who has been on the show since Season 02, and has had many important storylines over those seasons. The dispute is over […] More

  • Poison Ivy Gotham
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    New Gotham Trailer Shows Off More Of New Poison Ivy

    Gotham was billed as the “origin stories” for the characters that would be either allies or foes to Batman. However, as the show grew, so did their desire to stick out more, and thus, they created their own mythology. They broke away from the confines of the comics in many ways, and it’s created some […] More

  • The Walking Dead
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    Robert Kirkman Says Carl May Not Die In The Walking Dead

    Ok, now they’re just trolling us. Let’s recap. The Walking Dead TV show on AMC is based on a comic by legendary writer Robert Kirkman. And for the most part, they’ve done a good job of sticking close to the comics, while also diverging at necessary times based on timing, budget, characters, etc. However, last […] More

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
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    Could Sony Be Getting Ready To Sell Their Film/TV Rights?

    So, let’s rewind. For the last many years, Sony has been run by one man, Kaz Hirai. Hirai led the company to new heights in many ways, as well as guided them into certain ventures that has paid off rather well. But, he is now stepping down from the role of CEO, and with that, […] More

  • Ra's Al Ghul Titans
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    Ra’s Al Ghul To be Antagonist In Titans?

    DC Comics has its plate full with upcoming and potential TV series. Black Lightning is going strong on the CW, Krypton is inching closer to its premiere on Syfy, and new shows are being announced for the new DC Comics streaming service that’s going to arrive this year. One of the flagship shows for that […] More

  • A Series Of Unfortunate Events
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    A Series Of Unfortunate Events To Only Go 3 Seasons

    When it comes to adapting a property, whether it’s a book, comic, or something that’s been done before, you need to ask yourself how much you’re going to put from the book into what you have. For example, if you make a movie from a book, you only have a few hours to tell the […] More

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