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  • Thieves
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    Sea of Thieves Design Team Offer Insights into Controller Design

    Fan of Sea of Thieves already? Then you’ve probably heard all about the limited edition Sea of Thieves Wireless Controller for Xbox One and Windows 10. Either way, marketing art lead Peter Hentze and lead producer Adam Park have shared some insights into the controller’s design. Speaking on the official website, the team stated: “When […] More

  • Xbox
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    Xbox One ‘Duke’ Controller Arrives in March

    If you remember the original Xbox releasing 17 years ago with such fond memories as myself, then you too will be excited to hear some fresh news on the Duke. Back in the day, the Duke had a presence that wasn’t for the faint-hearted, with a hefty weight and shape that outweighed the other controllers […] More

  • Microsoft
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    Microsoft Working on Career System for Xbox One

    We saw a few months ago Xbox platform chief Mike Ybarra teasing fans about Microsoft looking at bringing ways to enhance the current Xbox achievement system, going beyond to bring players even more for the hours of gaming they are putting in. Microsoft is currently testing features that seem to refer to a new “Career” […] More

  • Switch
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    Nintendo Switch Has Been Cracked, Hackers Claim

    The latest major console to hit the market, bar the Xbox One X of course, is the Nintendo Switch. As exciting as the release was last year, it appears that there is a rather sour patch about its security. It appears that it may not be as well protected as the likes of the PS4 […] More

  • Thieves
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    Limited Edition Sea of Thieves Controller Ships Next Month

    One of the most anticipated titles to release on Xbox One this year is arguably the swashbuckling adventure game, Sea of Thieves. Rare are keen to help fans commemorate this special occasion with a cleverly-designed controller made especially for the open-world pirate experience. The controller boasts all of your usual controller features including custom button […] More

  • Kinect
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    Microsoft Discontinues Xbox One Kinect Adaptor

    Back when the Xbox One released, the console was bundled together with the camera system Kinect, something that was met with plentiful backlash from consumers. This was due to the fact that having to pay an additional $100 for a piece of equipment that was completely optional to use, leading Microsoft to release an Xbox […] More

  • Kodi
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    Kodi is Now Available On Xbox One

    The controversial yet legal media player Kodi is now available on Xbox One. If you’ve yet to use Kodi, it is an expansive media player able to boast third-party add-ons that Microsoft don’t offer, which includes both live TV and DVR services. Kodi is renowned for being a go-to app for pirated content, as it […] More

  • Lizard Squad
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    Founder of Hacker Group Lizard Squad Facing Over 2 Years in Prison

    It seems that the hacking group Lizard Squad are once again in legal trouble, as one of the founders Zachary Buchta pleads guilty to a number of criminal charges in federal court in the United States. Should Buchta continue to co-operate with the ongoing investigation, he is looking at serving 30 months in prison. You […] More

  • PUBG
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    How to Improve PUBG Performance on Xbox One

    Ever since its high profile release earlier this month on Xbox One, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been subjected to criticism regarding to the preview game’s visual and technical performance. If you too are struggling with how PUBG plays at this early stage, you can improve the console version’s performance by turning off the Xbox One and […] More

  • Witcher
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    No HDR Support For Witcher 3 on PC

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been subjected to an update today for the Xbox One X, which sees this particular version boasting 4K resolution support as well as introducing a performance mode. This new feature is included as part of the HDR support that is offered on the Xbox One X version, something that […] More

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