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  • Capcom
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    Has Capcom Laid Off Some Of Their Staff?

    Success in video games is a multi-faceted thing. For example, although a game may be critically-acclaimed, that doesn’t mean it sold a single title. In vice-versa, a game may sell well initially due to hype, but once players dive into the game, they may not like it like they thought they would. Finally, while a […] More

  • Monster Hunter: World
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    Monster Hunter: World Sales Predicted To Be 2 Million In Japan

    Despite it only being January, there have been some big releases in the world already. There’s been Dragon BallZ Fighters, Dissidia Final Fantasy just released, and of course, there’s been Monster Hunter: World. The latter was easily one of the most curious ones to go on sale because fans and critics weren’t sure how well the […] More

  • God Of War
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    God Of War Gets Release Date And New Trailer

    The original God of War saga was one of the most action-packed game series of all time. Following the Spartan warrior Kratos as he got his revenge on the Greek God Ares, and then the entire pantheon when they feared his power. In the end, Kratos got his revenge, the gods were dead, and he […] More

  • TellTale Games
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    TellTale Games May Be Changing Their Game Engine

    One thing that every video game developer wants is a style or signature. Something that they put into their games that is instantly recognizable. It can be over the top action, deep story, memorable characters, or music, as long as they have it, they’re one step over most of the competition. In the case of […] More

  • Nintendo Switch
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    Nintendo Switch Setting Records In Countries All Over The World

    The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular consoles of all time from basically the moment it arrives on store shelves (and online marketplaces) last year. It is continuously sold out, putting people on waiting lists (or in Japan in hilarious long lottery lines) and making everyone check every day for places that […] More

  • Nintendo Switch
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    Nintendo Reaching Out To Indian Game Developers?

    Nintendo is very much a global company, as its systems and games reach all around the world. However, for a time, the games that made it onto its system were limited. Only in recent generations did indie games start to become really popular. It started with WiiWare, then Wii U got some indie games, but […] More

  • Nintendo Labo
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    Nintendo Labo Not Meant To Contend With VR Or Other Platforms

    Nintendo is known for many things. Consoles, classic video game franchises, complete domination of the handheld market, and more. However, they also have an…interesting…history of making very “interesting” choices. Choices that may be considered “oddball” or “off the wall”. Now, while Nintendo has certainly profited from some of these choices, they’ve also backfired in their […] More

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Shown Off At Exhibition

    Final Fantasy VII is one of, if not the, most important entry in the esteemed Final Fantasy series. For not only was it the series first entry on the Sony PlayStation (a console and brand they stick with for years to come), but it was also one that delved into the 3D world for the […] More

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