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  • Nightwing
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    Nightwing Director Asking Fans For Guidance On Casting

    The state of the DC Comics film universe is a curious one. After the lukewarm reception to Justice League, Warner Bros has reshuffled a lot of things in order to make films going forward a lot easier. This has left a lot of films “up in the air”, which is interesting, because there’s been a […] More

  • Batman V Superman
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    Batman V Superman Batsuit Was Almost Futuristic

    When adapting a comic book character into a TV or film setting, one of the first things that gets decided visually is the costume. After all, some comic book character have very elegant and detailed outfits. And others have ones that are basic, but may not translate well to the screen. For Batman V Superman: […] More

  • Poison Ivy Gotham
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    New Gotham Trailer Shows Off More Of New Poison Ivy

    Gotham was billed as the “origin stories” for the characters that would be either allies or foes to Batman. However, as the show grew, so did their desire to stick out more, and thus, they created their own mythology. They broke away from the confines of the comics in many ways, and it’s created some […] More

  • Black Manta
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    Black Manta Will Have Classic Helmet In Aquaman

    There’s an innate desire for accuracy when it comes to adapting superhero and supervillain outfits. After all, we see the classic outfits in the comics, and often in various animated series and video games. So, when a film or TV show brings the character to life, we expect a bit of comic book accuracy, right? […] More

  • Ra's Al Ghul Titans
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    Ra’s Al Ghul To be Antagonist In Titans?

    DC Comics has its plate full with upcoming and potential TV series. Black Lightning is going strong on the CW, Krypton is inching closer to its premiere on Syfy, and new shows are being announced for the new DC Comics streaming service that’s going to arrive this year. One of the flagship shows for that […] More

  • Mark Strong SHAZAM! Dr. Sivana
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    Mark Strong Is Working Out For Villain Role In Shazam!

    To every hero, a villain, that’s how superhero comics work, and that’s one of the reasons that they thrive. And with the superhero films industry as it is, part of the fun of the movie is seeing who is going to be the villain in that film, who plays them, and what they do. While […] More

  • Batman #50
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    Batman And Catwoman To Be Married In Batman #50

    Marriage is a complicated thing, and that’s before you even try and put it in a comic book. You see, comic book characters rarely age, and while one couple may be together because of an arc, that can change in the blink of an eye (trust us, we’ve seen it happen WAY too much). Thus, […] More

  • Suicide Squad 2
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    Suicide Squad 2 To Be More “Grounded”?

    The DC Comics Film Universe has a very interesting reputation. For they’re known for making good money despite fan and critics panning. A great example of this was the film Suicide Squad, based on the comic by the same name. Hype leading up to the film was very positive, and yet, despite the film having […] More

  • Action Comics #1000 Superman Brian Michael Bendis
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    Brian Michael Bendis To Write Several Superman Stories For DC Comics

    Ok, so remember yesterday when we wondered what legendary writer Brian Michael Bendis would be writing for DC Comics? And how he teased Batman, Plastic Man, and other things? Yeah, forget that, we were totally wrong. Turns out, Bendis is going to be doing other things for DC Comics, but, it does feature one of […] More

  • Brian Michael Bendis
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    Is Brian Michael Bendis Going To Write Batman?

    It’s a well-known fact that when you make a major acquisition for your business, you put it or them to work right away in the way that made them famous, right? In sports, if you get a key position player, you put them in and let them work their magic. The same principle holds true […] More

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    Shazam! Film Has Begun Production

    After a long time of waiting, and wondering if it would ever truly happen, the Shazam! film has started production. The film will bring Earth’s Mightiest Mortal to the big screen for the first time, and it’s a chance for DC Comics to kick off 2019 in big fashion. For those who don’t know, the […] More

  • Black Lightning CW
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    Black Lightning Showrunner Would Love A “Lightningverse”

    For a long time, comics shows on TV were very hit and miss. And if they were successful, they rarely lasted more than a few seasons. Then, Smallville came along and went on an unprecedented 10-year run. A few years after that, the CW launched Arrow, which became so popular that it launched what is […] More

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