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  • CW DC Comics Arrowverse
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    CW Going To Six Nights A Week For Original Programming

    For a television network, the key thing to be is relevant, you need to have shows that keep bringing the viewers in, and you need to try and fight off the other networks to get ratings. How you do this is literally up to you, but when you fail, it hurts. Yet, when you succeed, […] More

  • Doctor Who Jodie Whitaker
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    Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Will Get Comic Later This Year

    The Doctor Who universe is set to get a big arrival this year via Jodie Whittaker as the first ever (in-canon) Doctor. Her arrival has been met with both joy, anticipation, and sadly, some controversy. But, no matter what you feel, she is coming, and it’s going to be good. However, news has now broken […] More

  • Wonder Woman
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    Wonder Woman Debuts On HBO To Huge Ratings

    Ok, so we’re all in agreement that Wonder Woman is a great film, right? Despite not getting any Oscar nominations (it totally should’ve…) most people agree that it’s not only a magnificent film, but is unanimously considered the best film in the DC Comics film universe. It had an amazing run at the worldwide box […] More

  • The Gifted
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    Here’s Why The Gifted Won’t Name Drop Magneto

    The Gifted was without a doubt one of the biggest risks superhero-wise in 2017. A show that was about the world the X-Men lived in, yet, didn’t have the X-Men or Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in it. Instead, it would focus on a group of “lesser characters” from the universe and show their struggles to […] More

  • Super Mario Odyssey
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    Could Super Mario Odyssey Get DLC?

    Nintendo has been doing a lot of things differently in the last few years. They’ve been building up their mobile market appearance through games like Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, etc., they’ve been trying to make themselves more visible in the world via building theme parks and making animated movies, […] More

  • Star Trek: Discovery Jonathan Frakes
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    Guess Who Star Trek: Discovery Introduced In Their Season Finale?

    Star Trek: Discovery was a very bold gambit by CBS. After all, the most recent movie, Star Trek Beyond actually had a loss at the box office, and many were wondering if a series could even last a season. What’s more, the series was going to be aired on a streaming service and not on […] More

  • Superman Man Of Steel 2 Justice League
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    Justice League Deleted Scene Shows Superman’s Black Suit

    One of the biggest controversies that came from the Justice League film was that it was the product of two directors and a publishing company that decided to cut a lot of footage near the very end. Zack Snyder started things off, but a personal tragedy forced him to leave, bringing in Joss Whedon to […] More

  • Kraven The Hunter, Black Panther
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    Black Panther Director Wanted Kraven In The Film As The Villain

    We are a week away from the arrival of Black Panther, Marvel’s latest film in their cinematic universe. The film is getting attention from all over the world, and has already been “certified fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews are praising virtually everything about the film. Its look, its style, its lead in Chadwick Boseman, its […] More

  • Nightwing
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    Nightwing Director Asking Fans For Guidance On Casting

    The state of the DC Comics film universe is a curious one. After the lukewarm reception to Justice League, Warner Bros has reshuffled a lot of things in order to make films going forward a lot easier. This has left a lot of films “up in the air”, which is interesting, because there’s been a […] More

  • Solo
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    Mark Hamill Weighs In On Solo Trailer

    This week, fans got their first look at the next Star Wars anthology film, Solo. The movie follows the early life and career of fan-favorite character Han Solo, detailing how he met Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, got the Millenium Falcon, and became the smuggler we all know and love. There was a teaser shown during the […] More

  • Marvel Venom
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    Venom Teaser Trailer Has Arrived

    Because of Sony owning the movie rights to the Spider-Man cast of characters, they’re going all out on making their own mini-universe to flesh out that Rogues Gallery. The first attempt at this is coming later this year with Venom, the first solo film featuring one of Spider-Man’s most powerful nemesis. There’s been a lot […] More

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars The Last Jedi
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    Rian Johnson Not Directing Obi-Wan Film

    Since Disney bought Lucasfilm and announced that there wouldn’t just be a “main trilogy”, but also films that help fill in the gaps and also expand the Star Wars universe, there have been a lot of stories people have want told. We already got the story of how the Rebel Alliance got the Death Star […] More

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