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Kirby Fans Will Be Rewarded For Acts of Kindness at Emerald City Comic Con


Kirby Star Allies is the first title of the franchise to arrive on Nintendo Switch, which sees the delightful protagonist turning enemies into friends in order to help save Planet Popstar. This is something that Nintendo want to encourage at Emerald City Comic Con, in order to spread acts of kindness throughout.

Nintendo representatives will be scaling Emerald City Comic Con on March 1-4 to rewards fans who perform random acts of kindness for others. If a member of the team manages to spot a Comic Con attendee doing something kind, which can range from picking up litter to holding the door for someone, then that person will have a chance to earn a range of Kirby themed items.

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The teams will also be hanging around those waiting in line to allow fans the chance to play Kirby Star Allies in Handheld mode. You can also catch the game in TV Mode at the Nintendo booth.

Cindy Gordon, Vice President of Strategic Communications at Nintendo of America, stated:

“Many of our classic characters are heroes in numerous ways, but Kirby epitomizes what it’s like to be powerful, but also kind. While we love bringing our games directly to fans at events like this, we wanted to do something a little different this time to show that teamwork and kindness are two of the most powerful forces around.”

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