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Wonder Woman Debuts On HBO To Huge Ratings

Wonder Woman

Ok, so we’re all in agreement that Wonder Woman is a great film, right? Despite not getting any Oscar nominations (it totally should’ve…) most people agree that it’s not only a magnificent film, but is unanimously considered the best film in the DC Comics film universe. It had an amazing run at the worldwide box office, and is was the first true blockbuster hit for a female superhero (which is inspiring many other female heroes to take a lead role). And now, it can add another honor to the list via HBO.

You see, while HBO may be known more now for titles like Game of Thrones and Westworld, it’s still a place where movies can be seen first, and Wonder Woman had its debut on HBO over the weekend. On Saturday, it pulled in 2.809 million viewers, which is the biggest debut for film premiere on the channel in over two years. It even beat the Olympics at his highest point that night.

gal Gadot Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman Debuts On HBO To Huge Ratings

What’s even cooler though? The next night, when it did its “encore”, it pulled in 1.6 million viewers, that means it didn’t even lose half the viewership from the previous night! That just goes to show how much people love the Amazon warrior. Well, except for the Oscars apparently.

This will no doubt please Warner Bros and fans of Wonder Woman all over, as it should! It’s a truly cool thing, and it’ll build up the hype for the sequel which is about to start production. The sequel is going to be another “prequel” to Wonder Woman’s arrival in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, and many are wondering just how far things will go to advance Diana’s view of the world.

A new production name also seems to be teasing that Circe (from Greek Mythology) might be her foe this time around. The film will release November 2nd, 2019.


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