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Could Super Mario Odyssey Get DLC?

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has been doing a lot of things differently in the last few years. They’ve been building up their mobile market appearance through games like Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, etc., they’ve been trying to make themselves more visible in the world via building theme parks and making animated movies, and on the gaming side, they’ve embraced DLC. It started small, and then grew much larger once the Nintendo Switch launched. But, could this bring DLC to Super Mario Odyssey?

That is the question, isn’t it? And one that producer Yoshiaki Koizumi told Game Informer was very possible, given the right circumstances of course.

“There’s a lot of volume (in Super Mario Odyssey),” he noted, “That was a big focus in development. Give the player tons to do. We pushed ourselves to create as much as we could. I can’t announce anything specifically today, but of course, if there was a really col idea for us to do, then we could certainly be thinking about DLC.”

Odyssey Moon - Could Super Mario Odyssey Get DLC?

The way he phrased that answer makes us wonder if the game is already on the path to DLC. Given the Switch’s track record with game DLC, it is possible. Breath of the Wild was out for months before its DLC was revealed, so it’s possible Super Mario Odyssey could be getting something.

He also wasn’t wrong when he noted that the game is packed with content, for even when players beat the story campaign, there are hundreds of Moons to find, and the more they get, the more the world unlocks before them.

Plus, Nintendo already updated the game with a new Balloon mode that will challenge players to get to certain points and set up challenges for other players. So, who’s to say some extra DLC won’t be coming out?

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