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Guess Who Star Trek: Discovery Introduced In Their Season Finale?

Star Trek: Discovery Jonathan Frakes

Star Trek: Discovery was a very bold gambit by CBS. After all, the most recent movie, Star Trek Beyond actually had a loss at the box office, and many were wondering if a series could even last a season. What’s more, the series was going to be aired on a streaming service and not on CBS proper, which lead even more people to be skeptical of its chances. Yet, it not only did well, it’s been renewed for a second season. So, that just left the task of having a memorable season finale…

…and yeah, they did that, in a way only Star Trek can do. Spoilers ahead!

So, to recap, in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery there’s been mutiny’s, epic battles, trips to the Mirror Universe, deceptions, lies, betrays, war with the Klingons, and more. In the final episode of the season though, the Discovery helped issue peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and near the end of the episode, just when you thought things would quiet down, they received a distress signal…from the Enterprise.

star trek discovery finale enterprise - Guess Who Star Trek: Discovery Introduced In Their Season Finale?

Yes, THAT Enterprise, though maybe not exactly the one you’re thinking of. For you see, this is the original Enterprise, but it’s commanded by Captain Pike, who was the original captain before Kirk took over. Apparently, the Enterprise needs the Discovery’s help in a matter, and they’re going to give it.

What makes this intriguing is many fold. First, Spock is on that ship, as he was first officer to Pike as well as Kirk. Second, Sarek, Spock’s father, is on the Discovery right now, and his foster sister, Burnham, is one of the main characters.

What’s more, this gives Star Trek: Discovery the chance to make history in regards to detailing the adventures Pike had with the Enterprise before Kirk took over.

Oh, and as a kicker? They played the original series theme music during the credits sequence.

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