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Justice League Deleted Scene Shows Superman’s Black Suit

Superman Man Of Steel 2 Justice League

One of the biggest controversies that came from the Justice League film was that it was the product of two directors and a publishing company that decided to cut a lot of footage near the very end. Zack Snyder started things off, but a personal tragedy forced him to leave, bringing in Joss Whedon to finish the project, but that caused a lot of reshoots. Then, Warner Bros demanded that the film be less than 2 hours long, which left a lot of scenes on the cutting room floor.

One of which was a highly anticipated scene featuring the “Death of Superman” suit. A person who worked with Snyder in the film noted that they had shot scenes with the black suit, and even had actor Henry Cavill wear it at one point. However, that scene wasn’t in the final film. But, with the digital release about to arrive, new scenes are leaking onto the internet, and one features that suit.

It’s unclear what Superman was looking at during the end of the clip, but you can tell that this was after his resurrection and the farm scene with Lois and Martha Kent. More than likely, it was a new suit that just happened to be in the ship he was in during Man of Steel.

Sadly, there’s still a lot of scenes that were cut from Justice League that may not be released at all. Key among them were the introduction scene to Iris West (Barry Allen’s future wife), as well as some origin scenes for Cyborg that were shown heavily in early trailers. It’s because of these scenes and other factors that Justice League is viewed very much as a “what if?” film. As in, “What if Zack Snyder had been able to finish it?” or, “What if Warner Bros. left a lot of these scenes in?”

Sadly, we’ll never know, but most are hoping that we do get a sequel that is allowed to truly shine.

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