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Nightwing Director Asking Fans For Guidance On Casting


The state of the DC Comics film universe is a curious one. After the lukewarm reception to Justice League, Warner Bros has reshuffled a lot of things in order to make films going forward a lot easier. This has left a lot of films “up in the air”, which is interesting, because there’s been a lot of news recently about films that many think shouldn’t be made as of yet. However, one film that is still in the works, according to its director, is Nightwing.

The film was announced a while back, and director Chris McKay was attached to the film not long after. McKay is a big fan of Nightwing, and thus wants to do him justice, so he hasn’t been shy about taking his time to do things right (which we appreciate). He’s teased an announcement of sorts coming on Valentine’s Day (or close to it), but we can confirm that it won’t be the reveal of who Dick Grayson will be. How do we know this? Well, on Twitter, McKay posted this:

This leans us to the side of “not casted yet”, after all, why ask the question if you already know who you’re going to get? The poll itself shows the desire of the fans, as with 75,000+ votes so far tallied, 47% want a martial artist in the role. Which makes sense, as Dick Grayson is one of the best fighters in DC Comics, as well as one of the most acrobatic.

So, where does this leave us? Well, in a place that isn’t too different. Even if he and Warner Bros. listen to the fans, we likely won’t get a casting announcement for some time. And even if we do, there’s no way of knowing how long it’ll be until the Nightwing film starts development.

But, there is hope.

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