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Venom Teaser Trailer Has Arrived

Marvel Venom

Because of Sony owning the movie rights to the Spider-Man cast of characters, they’re going all out on making their own mini-universe to flesh out that Rogues Gallery. The first attempt at this is coming later this year with Venom, the first solo film featuring one of Spider-Man’s most powerful nemesis. There’s been a lot of news and details about what may or may not be in the film, and today, we got our first glimpse of what the film might be like. Keyword here though is “glimpse”.

You all know what a teaser trailer is, right? Well…Venom honestly takes that to a new level. For while we do get to see actor Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, we don’t actually get to see him transform. We do get to see the symbiote, we hear him teasing the arrival of the character, and we even see what might be the beginning of his first transformation, but that’s about it.

Not that the teaser trailer was bad, it’s just that if you actually wanted to see Venom, you will be disappointed. The trailer itself does raise some interesting questions. One of them being is this story how Eddie Brock got the symbiote? It’s kind of unclear, and given the “reboot” to the universe via Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Homecoming, we don’t know either way.

We do know that the story is based around the characters “Lethal Protector” arc, and that it’ll feature a group called the “Hope Foundation” facing off against Eddie, but, is it them who given him the symbiote in this universe?

There’s a lot of questions to be sure, and we definitely want the answers. But again, we also want to see Venom himself. We’re hoping that as we get closer to the film’s October 2nd, 2018 release date, we get to see more than just a teaser.

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