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There’s A Lot to be Said For Sailing Alone in Sea of Thieves


The recent closed beta for Sea of Thieves offered players three choices: sail alone, with one other, or as a crew of four. Sure, there are a lot of things to consider before going solo, such as having to steer the ship, fire the cannons, fix the sails and patch up any holes you may find. So no, it isn’t an easy task to go it alone, which is probably why it’s recommended for experienced players.

Having said that, I started my first game in crew, and didn’t find myself with too many opportunities to actually learn how to play. So I took it upon myself to use the solo mode to learn the ropes of what Rare has to offer, and found the experience deeply satisfying.

Though working as a crew had its own rewards, some tragic, others hilarious, setting sail by myself brought a slightly different yet equally as rewarding feeling. Hitting the high seas without listening to unrepeatable language from the less mature players you come across whilst sailing the deep blue provided a very relaxing time indeed.

IrjDwpY - There's A Lot to be Said For Sailing Alone in Sea of Thieves

Though missions to earn gold were more difficult to cope with on my lonesome, sailing away without much of a goal but to appreciate what a magnificent looking game it really is, before anchoring down at the nearest port for a beverage or two is something that I would strongly recommend trying out in the full release on March 20th. To be honest, it was also nice to not be thrown straight in the brig unprovoked too.

Sea of Thieves looks set to be a game that will keep you entertained no matter how you decide to approach it. If you’re craving adventure and glory, then you’ll find it here, but you can also find a more peaceful time if you’re looking to switch your mind off for a while.

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