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Rare Working Hard on Sea of Thieves Open Beta Issues

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The highly anticipated Sea of Thieves set sail with its closed beta yesterday, though it wasn’t without its issues. Rare were quick to acknowledge the issues that had arisen, which saw many Xbox One and PC players unable to gain access to the game.

An error stating that players were “too early” is being worked on by Rare, who responded to the problems on Twitter, ensuring that they were “fully focused on a resolution.” IGN has provided the following screenshot that players have been greeted with:

tooearly2 720x405 - Rare Working Hard on Sea of Thieves Open Beta Issues
Credit – IGN

The beta is currently running, and is set to last until January 29th. This period of access is available to those who have either pre-ordered the game, or signed up for the Sea of Thieves Insider Program prior to December 1st, 2017.

The error has since been fixed for most players, and any others who are still suffering should expect to see it solved “within the next 2 hours” according to the game’s Twitter account. A follow-up tweet also offered up a solution to the issue:

Anyone who digitally pre-orders in the next 24hrs will need to pick up the Closed Beta through the Xbox Insider Hub on Xbox One and/or Windows 10. This will resolve the issue entirely.

Sea of Thieves is set to launch on March 20th, and will be available on the Xbox Game Pass on the day of release.

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