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John Wick TV Series Coming To Starz

John Wick 3

Action movies have gotten a huge surge recently because of films like the Kingsmen, Taken, and of course, John Wick. The film, starring Keanu Reeves, may not have had the biggest box office opening every when it debuted. But, it did make waves at the box office in the consistency it made money (not unlike what Kingsman did in its debut). Plus, home sales and the low cost of the film made it so that profit was almost a guarantee. The sequel was just as good, and it even got a comic book tie-in.

A third film in the series is coming in 2019, but now, we have found out that a spinoff TV series is coming to Starz. This comes from the Hollywood Reporter, which says the series will be called The Continental. Which is a hotel within the John Wick universe that serves as a “safe haven” for all the assassins in the world. Furthermore, the hotel has ties to everything an assassin needs to get the job done. All they ask is that they follow the rules.

john wick continental - John Wick TV Series Coming To Starz

The series pilot will be penned by Chris Collins of Sons of Anarchy fame, as well as The Wire and Man in the High Castle. He’ll act as showrunner should it go to a full season. As for Keanu Reeves, he may make an appearance, but he will not star in the series.

According to a statement, The Continental will focus on the underground world of that the films set up, deliver the action sequences that people expect, all the while, delivering new and exciting stories.

While it’s nothing new for movies to spinoff into TV shows, this one may have an edge. As the films have only lightly touched upon all that goes on in this universe in regards to assassination, The Continental can help flesh that out and keep it all the more compelling.

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