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Stepford Cuckoos Will Be In The Gifted Season 02

The Gifted

When The Gifted was announced, people were intrigued that there was going to be a take on the X-Men franchise made for television. But then, the announcement was made that the show would be in the X-Men universe, but wouldn’t feature any of the “main” characters from either the X-Men or the Brotherhood. This left many wondering who would be brought in that was “name worthy.” The first season did bring a lot of big-name mutants though, including the Stepford Cuckoos.

The Stepford Cuckoos (in the comics) were clones of legendary X-Men frenemy Emma Frost, and have a unique telepathic gift where they are literally a hive mind. Thus, they know what each other are thinking, and even, what others are thinking. They can also control people, block other telepaths abilities, and a host of other interesting traits. And despite being introduced very late into The Gifted, they’ll be back for Season 02. For in an interview with TV Line, actress Skyler Samuels noted:

“Yeah, you’ll be seeing lots more of me and my sisters next season!”

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That’s very interesting, not just because the Season Finale is next week (and this basically confirms that they all survive), but this is the first confirmation of who will return for next season. Not only that though, the end of this season has been teases the Hellfire Club in a big way, as the Stepford Cuckoos are a part of it. If we’re going to be seeing “lots” of the Cuckoos in Season 02, could their bosses be in the mix to join? Maybe even Emma Frost herself? We’ll have to see.

If true, it’ll also be interesting to see who arrives on the hero side of things. The Season Finale is teasing something big happening to Polaris, and if she goes down, the Mutant Underground is going to need another heavy hitter to help them.

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