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Rockstar Must Address The Orbital Cannon Exploit in GTA Online

GTA Online

You may have had enough in-game money in GTA Online to take advantage of the recently introduced orbital cannon. You may have also been on the receiving end of it, which of course is never pleasant. Either way, the feature seems to have been exploited by players, and it’s something that desperately needs fixing.

The cannon works by paying $500,000 of in-game money for a single-use shot, which sends out a single shot that kills multiple players and cars, even if they are in buildings, though safety can be found in apartments and bunkers. For $750,000 players can lock on to another player anywhere on the map, and destroy them without warning. Afterwards, there is supposed to be a cooldown period of 48 minutes.

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However, players have discovered a way to abuse the use of the orbital cannon. In fact, you are just a short Google search away from finding out a number of ways of being able to fire the cannon at a rapid rate, without much delay. With GTA Online allowing players to spend real cash to obtain in-game money, there is no real limit to how many times it is used. Not only that, but players have acquired money in the game through hacking means, leading to innocent players suffering even further.

This has understandably led to players considering methods in which Rockstar can prevent such things happening. However, there isn’t much in terms of alternatives, given that money is no real object. The only practice that could be adopted is to alter the way in which the orbital cannon actually works, such as increasing the times between shots and removing any possible exploits. Hopefully this method could serve as a deterrent, though if players manage to find a way around it, it would still pose a very frustrating threat.

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