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Prince Of Persia Reboot In the Works?

Prince of Persia

When you think about how video gaming started, how it was basically born on the computer, then evolved via consoles, handhelds, and such, it’s amazing to think about what games were made back then. Don’t get us wrong, those days had many classic games, and some of them even trascended the time period in such a way that they actually grew with the evolving consoles and computers. One such series was Prince Of Persia. Originally born on PC, the game later on became a major part of Ubisoft’s game lineup.

In fact, the early 3D versions of the Prince Of Persia series, such as the remake of Sands Of Time and The Warrior Within, were widely praised by many. The action and platforming that the series had been known for were being advanced in a very fun way, and the games got major sales because of it.

However, after some unsuccessful titles, the series was again rebooted in 2008. But despite some decent sales, the game was criticized for its lack of challenge (something the game was known for) among other things. Since that point, the franchise has been pretty dormant.

Prince of persia2 - Prince Of Persia Reboot In the Works?

But, if the creator of the series is to be believed, then that could be changing. As during a conversation on Twitter, Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner told a fan (who said she loves the series and wants to see it continue) this:

“Chrissy, I know a few other people who feel the same way. We’re doing our best to make it happen!”

So, does that mean it’s coming back? Uh…not so fast. The game series is still owned by Ubisoft, and their Montreal branch also went to Twitter to talk about the series, stating that it was “on pause” for right now. That’s very disconcerting given that the franchise has been “on pause” for basically a decade.

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