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Dragon Ball FighterZ Shows Off Beerus

Beerus Dragon Ball FighterZ

We’re mere days away from the arrival of the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta, where you’ll get the chance to test your skills in the game with 11 characters and see how the epic anime fighting title feels. The game has a lot of anticipation, and Bandai Namco continues to build it up with the small character trailers featuring the fighters in the game. The latest one has just come out, and it features the God Of Destruction, Beerus. Yeah, you should be afraid.

As noted, Beerus is the God of Destruction, and he’s one of the few characters who can say that he handily and decisively beat Goku, without any tricks, but with just pure power. which is no small feat. Beerus is a character so strong that during Resurrection F, Frieza himself trembled in fear at the possibility of fighting him. And now, he’s in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you scared yet?

Beerus is a very powerful being, and his attacks reflect that. He can attack you up close with a variety of attacks. Or, if you’re getting the upper hand on him, he can fire blasts in all directions to make sure he can get some breathing room. He also has some special attacks where he can form spheres of energy that’ll hover on the field, and should you touch them? Yeah, you’re getting blown up. So…don’t touch them if you can.

But, of course, what’s a fighting game without some special attacks, Beerus’ trailer shows off just how powerful he is by launching a massive attack, and then finishing off foes with a finger point. That’s the God of Destruction for you.

On a character note, we find it awesome that his entrance shows that he just woke up from a cat nap. For Beerus is very moody and impulsive, just like a cat.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on January 26th.

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