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Detective Pikachu Game Is Coming To The West In March

Detective Pikachu

The Pokemon franchise has always had some interesting titles outside of the main RPG games. We’ve done photography games, there was the Pokemon Channel, puzzle games like Trozei, two pinball games, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Ranger, etc. But, one of the more unique ones had to be the Japan-only title Detective Pikachu. In the game, you play as a Pikachu who can talk like a human and solves cases with humans. The game was so popular in Japan, that the US decided to make a movie of it starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.

But what about the Detective Pikachu game? Would that ever come out to the West? Well, we now can confirm it is. As Nintendo released a statement saying that the game would transition to the West on March 23rd for everyone to enjoy. This will no doubt build up interest for the movie when it releases later this year. But that’s not all, there is also going to be a Detective Pikachu Amiibo, and as you’re about to see, it’s huge.

detective pikachu3 - Detective Pikachu Game Is Coming To The West In March

Yeah, that’s a big Amiibo, but it suits the personality of the Pikachu in the game. But, like all Amiibo, this one has a function, for if you tap it on your compatible 2DS/3DS you can unlock cutscenes in the game that may provide a clue or two as to how to solve the case you’re on. You just have to pay attention like a good detective.

As if that wasn’t enough Pikachu goodness for one day, Nintendo also revealed that a new Pikachu 2DS is coming out on January 26th. This one has the face of Pikachu front and center on the 2DS, so you’ll never be too far from its cute face.

So, if you’re looking for some unique Pokemon gameplay, then you won’t have to wait too long until you’re solving cases with Detective Pikachu.

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