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Black Lightning Clip Proves Just How Important The Series Will be Culturally

Black Lightning CW

When making a TV show or movie, there’s almost always a “line” that the writers, directors, producers, and such choose not to go across. The line between “making something fun/good” and making something that means something to everyone. Now, some films go out of their way to be the latter, and tell stories that are meant to help change the way people view things. But other times, people go to great lengths to just be entertaining. Superhero shows and films have been in the former category a lot. But Black Lightning is set to change that.

The upcoming series on the CW is going to feature the first African-American lead role, who just happens to be Jefferson Pierce, aka Black Lightning. While usually just having him as the lead would be “enough”, showrunner Salim Akil wants to push the envelope in the best way possible. Including having a scene in the pilot featuring racial profiling. Check it out below:

Now, before you think “oh he’s just doing this to get attention for his attention”, you do need to know one thing. Akil did this scene…because it’s happened to him many times. And as he told the New York Times, it almost made him do something he’d regret.

“I had been stopped by the police quite a few times, but my anger in being stopped again was about to get me killed. At a certain point, I closed my eyes and asked myself, “Is this really worth dying for?””

Needless to say, things are going to be very real in Black Lightning, and that’s exactly how Akil wants it. He doesn’t just want a superhero series, he wants one that feels like it’s in the real world, with everything that comes with it.

We’ll see how everything plays out when the series debuts this upcoming Tuesday on the CW.

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