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First Look at Tom Hardy As Eddie Brock In Spawn

Marvel Venom

There’s a lot of comic films coming out this year. But one of the most intriguing by far is the arrival of Venom from Sony. Sony, if you recall, made a deal with Marvel to give them Spider-Man, but in return, they could still make their own films and collect the profit off of Spider-Man. This is the result of that deal (along with the upcoming Silver & Black film), and there’s a lot of people excited about it. Especially since the film will star Tom Hardy.

Despite the film being in production for a little while now, we only know a few details about it. What’s more, there hasn’t been a lot of official images or footage shown about the film. Well, that has now changed, as IGN got an official first look as Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. And while it’s not “riveting”, it does show that the Venom film will stick to Eddie’s origin of being a reporter. Plus, as you can see with Eddie’s attire, he’s still very much a common man.

tom hardy venom fist look 683x1024 - First Look at Tom Hardy As Eddie Brock In Spawn

Of course, everyone is waiting for the first look at Venom himself. The character has been rumored to both resemble his comic book counterpart but also be terrifying, which would be appropriate given the character.

We do know however that the storyline of the film will be based on the “Lethal Protector” storyline from the comics. In it, Eddie goes to the West Coast to try and get a new life, but, an evil organization finds out he’s there. So, they decide to try and capture him and the symbiote and try to make their own version of it, for evil purposes of course.

There’s also a ton of rumors stating that Carnage could appear in the film, but that’s still unconfirmed.

Venom will arrive on October 2nd.

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