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Deadpool And New Mutants Have Had Premiere Dates Moved

Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds

Man, Fox is full of surprises, huh? Days after a reveal that signaled a Kitty Pryde solo film in development, Fox has made another major move. But, this one may not be as pleasing as a Kitty Pryde movie. For as The Hollywood Reporter reveals, the New Mutants film has now been pushed back to February of 2019. As for Deadpool 2, it’s been moved up a few weeks, and will now debut on May 18th. This moving is a big surprise, especially given recent events.

First off, New Mutants already released a trailer for the film, which proves it’s almost done filming, if not done right now, so, why the move? Well, the Hollywood Reporter claims that Fox is trying to ensure that Deadpool 2 and New Mutants don’t conflict in the overseas box office, which it honestly would have if they released when they did. So, why not push Deadpool 2 back a bit? Well, that might’ve caused other problems, mainly, a conflict with the other upcoming Fox film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

New Mutants 1 - Deadpool And New Mutants Have Had Premiere Dates Moved

Another reason that the Hollywood Reporter gives is that while Fox was happy with the early viewings of New Mutants, they want the film to be even scarier, and thus changes will need to be made.

This is a huge blow on the Mutants side, as the film was set to kick off the year of Fox’s Marvel properties, and maybe even get a sequel greenlit. With the film now being pushed back to next year, that threatens what happens after its release due to Disney likely getting Fox’s movie IPs.

As for Deadpool 2, this is actually a great thing, as fans are very eager to get the sequel from Ryan Reynolds and team after the great success of the first one. Even more than that though, the accelerated release date means we might get a full-on trailer soon.

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