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DC Comics Film Universe To Have More “Streamlined” Process

Justice League

If there’s one word to describe the DC Comics film universe it’s “inconsistent”. For while the films have done good jobs of bringing prominent DC characters to the forefront (some of them to live-action for the first time), the quality of the films range from film to film. Man of Steel was great, if a different take on the Man of Steel. Batman V Superman was either magnificent or garbage depending on who you talk to. Suicide Squad started great but ended badly. Wonder Woman was divine, and Justice League was divisive.

Given all of that, Warner Bros decided to restructure how they were to do their films. This included appointing Toby Emmerich to Chairman of the movies division. What does this mean? Well, before, DC Comics films had to go through a committee to get greenlit. now? He only has to answer to the CEO of Warner Bros, that’s a much better process if you ask us.

Ezra Miller Flash 1024x522 - DC Comics Film Universe To Have More "Streamlined" Process

There’s also going to be a shakeup in Marketing and Distribution of the films, which has also been under fire because of the lackluster performance of Justice League. Hopefully, without all the “cooks in the kitchen” we can get some focus on what the DC film universe is going to be.

We know that Aquaman is coming this year, and that next year will see arrivals of SHAZAM!, a Suicide Squad sequel (potentially) and Wonder Woman 2. But after that? It’s a mess, too many films have been “greenlit” and we don’t know where they all stand currently. What’s more, films that should be made, like Flashpoint, the Cyborg solo film, and Green Lanterns are still in limbo in one way or another.

Let’s hope that this shakeup truly brings some clarity to the DC Comics film universe, as we want to see these films continue to be successful.

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