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Constantine Animated Series To Be “Darker” Than Live-Action Series?


John Constantine is a very interesting comic character, and one that has been the focus of a few different comic brands. He was one of the stars of the Vertigo line of comics, but then, via the New 52, became an integral part of the DC Comics lineup, and was the star of not only his own series, but the Justice League Dark comic. He’s also been the star of a live-action movie (starring Keanu Reeves) and been in both a live-action television show (which was prematurely canceled) and an animated film.

So yeah, he’s been around. But, his true time in the spotlight may just be coming via the upcoming animated series on the CWSeed. This will be the third animated DC Comics series on the web service following Vixen and the upcoming The Ray: Freedom Fighter. But, if one of the heads of the CW is to be believed, Constantine will be a show all its own in terms of what’s shown.

constantine animated poster 680x1024 - Constantine Animated Series To Be "Darker" Than Live-Action Series?

Talking during the Television Critics Association Press Tour Executive Vice President Peter Giraldi noted

“Moving forward, Constantine was a great example as well because the Constantine that we’re doing … it’s Constantine, if you’re familiar with the character. It’s Constantine from the Vertigo comic, it’s dark. Darker than the show.”

By “the show”, we’re pretty sure he means the NBC series, which for the record was pretty dark in its own right. Yet, there were some oddities. For example, they wouldn’t show the character smoking a cigarette (a trademark of John), but with cartoons, that limitation seems to be uplifted.

A thing to appreciate about the upcoming series is that John will once again be voice by Matt Ryan, who played the live-action version of the character on NBC, as well as voiced him during the Justice League Dark animated film.

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