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Trigon To Be Main Villain Of Titans First Season?

Trigon Titans

While still in development, Titans is set to be one of the biggest premieres when it releases in 2018. Though there’s still no word on where it’s actually going to be released to, as it’s apparently going to be on a new streaming service, we have slowly but surely getting new looks at the series. Robin, Hawk, and Dove have all had pictures featuring their costumes released. And now, a casting listing seems to indicate that the main villain of season 01 will be none other than Trigon.

Here’s the full description of the part in question:

[EVAN LOGUE]: Male, Late 30s-40s, Caucasian. Charismatic. A cult leader attempting to reunite his family. Central role for series finale. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Please submit star/cameo names. Casting early for wardrobe but the role works Ep. 111 (04/09-04/19) and Ep. 112 (04/19 – 05/01)

This was revealed by Titans Podcast, and apparently the name “Evan Logue” is a fake just to “throw off suspicion” of what the role really is. But, given the history of the Titans, it’s a safe bet it’s Trigon.

titans robin first look final 1062562 - Trigon To Be Main Villain Of Titans First Season?

If you don’t believe us, then re-read the description and not that he’s not only dubbed as being in the “series finale”, which likely means just the end of the first season of episodes, but also, that he’s trying to “reunite his family”. Trigon is the father of Raven, who birthed her in an attempt to take over Earth, as he needed her to cross the dimensional barrier. Some interpretations of the character has seen him brought over via cult spells, so that works as well.

What’s more, there’s been reports that casting is also going on for the role of Raven’s mother Arella, which further suggests that Trigon is coming.

Trigon is one of the greatest enemies the Teen Titans have ever faced, and has appeared not just in the comics, but in the legendary animated series during multiple seasons. We’ll keep you apprised of any new info we get on this.


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